Saint Kieran of Saighir in Ireland (+530) & the fox


Saint Kieran of Saighir in Ireland (+530) & the fox

March 5

Traditions relating the close communication of Kieran with wild animals abound. When he lived in a hermitage surrounded by forests, wolves, deer and other mammals, particularly those which were sick or hurt, used to come to him, feeling his holiness and asking him to cure them: and he healed every animal. According to his life, a fox, a wolf and a badger helped the saint and served him and his monks in monastic labors: to cut trees, to take the wood to the monastery and build small cells. Once the fox dared to disobey the abbot: it stole his boots and ran away to its hole in the forest. On Kieran’s command the wolf and the badger found the fox and led it to the man of God. He rebuked the fox, ordered it to do a penance by fasting for a certain time, and when the animal had done this, he allowed it to stay at his monastery and work on.




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